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After 30 years of active existence, The Disc Golf Hall of Fame (DGHoF) announces a major renaming and new brand logo.  The non-profit organization is now the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

Disc Golf is a sport played competitively and recreationally by more than 4 million people on more than 15, 000 courses globally.  The DGHoF was established in 1993 to highlight life-time achievements of individuals, preserve the sport's history and educate current and future enthusiasts about the Highest Honor in disc golf. 


Currently the DGHoF has 99 members from 7 countries over 4 different continents around the world.  With the recent explosion of the sport’s popularity reaching a global audience, it is time the organization’s name reflects that expansion…  World Disc Golf Hall of Fame. 


The current world-wide members of the DGHoF will automatically be recognized as official members of the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame. 


— The game began in the 1970’s with development of the basket target, permanent courses,                     

tournaments and a player’s organization.

— The 1980’s produced extensive growth in the number of courses installed in the US and discs were designed exclusively for what evolved into a sport.

— The DGHoF became a stand-alone organization in 1993 and inducted 7 members to the inaugural class that same year.

— Over the next 3 decades the DGHoF elected 2 to 5 new inductees annually.

—  In 2021 the DGHoF became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

— The World Disc Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2023 will be elected late spring and announced in mid-summer.

Hall of Fame Stories - Roots of Flight

In collaboration with Ultiworld Disc Golf, The WDGHoF is excited to share moments of our sports most important history presented in the podcast Roots of Flight.  Roots of Flight is written and produced by Gabe LaBounty of Ultiworld in consultation with Andi Young, the Executive Director of the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame.  Please take a moment enjoy the stories of these historical events and if you like what you hear, please share with others!  These are the originals told by our sport's pioneers.

Have a story? Submit it here.
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