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Congratulations to the Class of 2023


Annually members of the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame, the Highest Honor in disc golf, recognize disc golf pioneers, promotors, champions, educators and contributors who have laid the foundations of our sport. This year's class of five is very much a combination of all those categories!

Introducing the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2023


Steve Ganz

Steve Ganz used his technical knowledge to bridge the gap between the disc golf world and the networking universe. 


He understood the complex circuitry of the developing era and the importance of the Internet thus being instrumental undertaking the task to improve the sport’s managing body in areas of technology and communication. 


But when not working behind the curtain, he can still be found where it all started playing the sport he loves, Disc Golf.


Charlie Mead

A fierce and esteemed competitor, Charlie Mead has an accomplished decades-long career of victories

and titles.  


Beyond playing his passion to expand awareness of the game equaled that drive.  As a sport promoter he spearheaded growth initiatives around the world instrumentally planting the seeds of introduction to other sport bodies about flying disc games and how our sport aligns with them on the global stage.  


With his outgoing and engaging personality, he is the epitome of

what it means to be a Disc Golf ambassador.


Kent Johnson

A passionate disc golf standard bearer who has literally pioneered the visual history of our sport. 


One of the earliest graphic designers providing decades of recorded disc golf artwork and who believes ‘Good design is as much a science as it is an art’.  Kent Johnson established a sense of professionalism and style that has always represented the sport in a positive way, not only by players, but by the public. 


A truly accomplished artist who has given his talent selflessly to the sport of Disc Golf.


Bill Burns

Dedicated disc golf pioneer beginning as a junior national finalist in the early 1970’s. 


Participating from the start as a player, then promoter and even nurturer.  As one of our sport’s earliest contributors, Bill Burns steered our young organization as PDGA Commissioner with grace and guidance at a time when it was just learning how to stand up. 


At the same time his passion to play and compete kept him on a quest as a strong competitor as well.   A great-hearted career filled with many original Disc Golf chapters.


John Duesler

An innovative visionary, John Duesler spent the majority of his disc golf life spearheading the sport’s growth in areas off the course, working behind the scenes. 


His developments were groundbreaking from being the first online shopping outlet to extensive course design in the Mid-Atlantic states to bringing disc golf to the world via live streaming and his focus never wavered. 


His incredible list of accomplishments over several decades was instrumental in introducing Disc Golf to the global audience. 

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