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The Class of 2022


Annually members of the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame, the Highest Honor in disc golf, recognize disc golf pioneers, promotors, champions, educators and contributors who have laid the foundations of our sport. This year's class of five is very much a combination of all those categories!

Introducing the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2022

joy cahow.png

Jo Cahow

A true pioneer for women in our sport. Like many disc players in the mid-70's she was a dominating all-around performer, winning the 1974 World Overall championships and again in 75, when disc gollf was first added.


Known for her powerful throw, she was virtually unbeatable in all forms of disc golf from the first object courses in the early 70's to the emerging basket designs.


A mentor and inspiration to a generation of players, she was a pioneer spokesperson for women to assure there was a place for them in the sport.

jim orum.png

Jim Orum

He was disc golf in the Gulf Coast South. A contributor who pioneered the sport in every sense of the word. Founder, course designer, tournament director, vendor, retailer, mentor, disc golf dad and beyond.


From Mississippi to Florida, Jim planted course design seeds throughout the region and established one of the first online retailers with


A bit of a rebel with a sense of humor, he founded and fostered the Southern Nationals Disc Golf Championship tour. In the deep south, they have a way of doing things their own way, yet always encompassing the greater good. Mr. Jim was that kind of disc golf pioneer.

steve lambert.png

Steve Lambert

Steve's storied career was sparked by a disc golf demo in the 70's that carried forward and never stopped. A grass roots club founder and original architect of the sport's footprint in the south's prominent disc golf region around Charlotte, North Carolina.


A prime example of giving selflessly, he gave his all pioneering the sport as a competitor, promoter, tournament director, and educator. Sharing his expertise on education committees and dedicating years of time introducing disc golf too elementary school children are his proudest contributions.


He will forever be credited for giving future generations a lifetime of joy simply because of his own passion for the game.

pete may.png

Pete May

One of the most colorful and thoughtful characters to ever play disc golf. Driven and compassionate, Pete's competitive spirit can only be matched by his willingness to spread the joy playing it.


Like other sports he embraced, the goal was to reach for the ultimate result both on and off the course. He won multiple age titles while contributing his time fostering the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships and working with the PDGA to find a place to call home.


Our sport is fortunate to have such a devoted ambassador.

pete shive.png

Peter Shive

A gentle giant of a man with significant disc golf career accomplishments. Arriving at our sport already in his middle years of life, it became his passion, and he blazed a trail to prove it.


A champion who was an advocate for the cause of his own competitors but also fostered the growth of our youngest players as well. A diligent soul from grassrots to the board room sharing his knowledge and his time to grow the game.


Winning 13 World Champion titles and numerous other awards for his dedication, he will forever be remembered for being the voice of those in their master years.

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