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The Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 is a group of five from four different countries including Glen Whitlock of Canada, Martin Frederickson of Denmark, Jonas Lof of Sweden and joining them are Dean Tannock and Dave McCormack both from the USA.

Congratulations Class of 2021

Martin Frederiksen 1.png

Martin Frederiksen

 A career mover and shaker, Martin Frederickson has worked on both sides of the disc, putting in the time as a developer and promoter as well as a player who still competes to this day.


 Starting from grass roots Martin was instrumental establishing the first disc golf courses in his native Denmark in 1985.  Two years later he was part of the group who established the Disc Golf Eurotour that continues to this day.


 When not participating as a player, he began documenting the sport through his camera lens, thus creating a visual history of our sport’s players during his touring years throughout his native Europe and disc golf travels abroad.

Dave McCormack.png

David McCormack

As an original golf disc industrialist, mid America’s own David McCormack was an early entry in the manufacturing game. 


As the founder of a disc golf company, the importance of establishing a financially successful business has always seemed second to his passion for giving his all for disc golf.


The approachable Dave has always been more interested in developing cost-effective sustainable recreation designing and installing disc golf courses, producing the tools of the game, as well as sponsoring/supporting events, clubs, and players over multiple decades now.  


A working wizard from disc design to course design to promotions and support he has always just worked to grow, and help others grow, the game.

Dean Tannock 1.png

Dean Tannock

The man for all disc golf reasons, Dean Tannock has answered that call.  Always a fierce competitor with his own career collection of wins and top finishes, “Dean-O”, as he is known to his local disc golf family and fans, followed valiantly in the footsteps of his mentors.


A lion-hearted volunteer with a passion for the growth of the game as strong as his taste for competition. 


With his southern hospitality and a loyalty known of men to kings, Dean has always been one of our sport’s greatest knights in shining armor. 

Glen Whitlock.png

Glen Whitlock

Glen Whitlock can be credited with being our sports first full-time touring player. 


Back in the day Glen hit the road traveling mainly through his native Canada and the US from one tournament stop to the next while also traveling over the “pond” to participate in early disc golf events in Europe.


His warm personality and strong presence on the course made him one of the most recognized players around the country.  A true sportsman growing our sport one mile at a time with a lot of couch and campfires stories that tell his pioneering story.

Jonoas Lof 1.png

Jonas Löf

  Always preferring to work behind the curtain, Jonas Lof was instrumental in planting the earliest seeds of disc golf development in his home country of Sweden. 


His landscaping background contributed to establishing one of the most, if not the most popular international disc golf destination course in the history of our sport, Jaarva Disc Golf Park. 


During this earlier time of developmental years, he worked, documented, and shared his knowledge of our sport through any and all mediums.  His tireless contributions educating his region’s population created the largest spectator audiences at disc golf tournaments ever seen worldwide, long before the term ‘disc golf’ was ever recognized around the rest of the world.

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