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What is the... World
Disc Golf
Hall of Fame?

In 1993, after two decades of organized disc golf, the time was right to create something that would honor those select few men and women who dedicated so much of their lives to the development and growth of the sport. Following the guidelines that so many other great sports and organizations had already put in place, the Disc Golf Hall Of Fame began.

The DGHoF originated and has been dedicated to the promotion of disc golf, its premier pioneers, and players. It was founded by Lavone Wolfe at the 1993 World Disc Golf Championships in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Lavone also created what is now known as the Headrick Memorial Museum, a collection of memorabilia that help describe the history of our sport, currently housed at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA.

The first class of inductees were nominated in 1993, forever immortalizing their significance and importance to the game of disc golf. The first member honored was, of course, the father of disc golf "Steady" Ed Headrick. "Steady" Ed along with six others were voted in for the inaugural class.

Fast forward 20 years and new administrators take the reins, apply for and achieve non-profit status and taking into consideration the growth of our sport, rename the entity the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame (WDGHoF).

The WDGHoF continues to elect outstanding contributors and competitors annually.  Each year's class of inductees are nominated and elected by the members of the WDGHoF.  Criteria for consideration as of 2022:

         -- Candidates must be at least 45 years old as of the year of election.

         -- 15 Years of Active Disc Golf Participation.

         -- Candidates may be Competitors (Professional and/or Amateur who have produced a                               substantial body of high-level competitive success) and/or Contributors (Those who have                               impacted the game significantly in areas outside of the competitive arena such as                                   administration, course design, innovation, instruction, promotion, etc.), or both.

         -- Exhibit integrity, character, and sportsmanship with dignity and wisdom to foster the greatness               of the game.

         -- A favorable standing and an honorable reputation within the disc golf community that warrant               consideration to The Highest Honor in Disc Golf.


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